Psycho XIP - I Have A Dream (Another Psyde Records)

by beatspace-anotherpsyde



From the minimalist insight arises the reality. Calm and serene, transcendental. The sound, abstract, becomes physical and developed itself as a dance. No patterns, no defined movements, just the dance…of Being…of psychedelia. Within a nature, that makes us go beyond the system deployments, beyond the systematic chip that reduces us in machines. The power of wholeness is in each Being, in totality, a flame that never goes out, a hope that never dies, a inner spark contained in the psychological expansion manifested by the Deity, the psychological chip that makes each one to have free will that we need to find our own reality. Listen, dance free and meet yourself. Mauro Franca aka P.I.X aka KRYSTAL SKULLS, now with his new project Psycho Xip, uniting the power of progressive, minimal and dark trance, aims to express different forms of culture through sound. With diversified rhythmic passages, faster BPM, plus a strong and striking bassline, the projects come to the scene with many labels around the world and the experience of two very reputable projects. Written, Produced and Mastered by: Mauro Franca (Brazil) (*Track 4 original written & produced by Dave \"Reactant\" Sharman) Artwork by: OtKun (Canada)


released February 5, 2015



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